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Week 5 Part B

 When using Facebook to run a business page post reach is an important aspect of learning your target market. This tool allows you to see the number of individual people who have viewed the content on  your page during a specific variation of time. Post reach is a valuable asset because it can show you what types of content are gaining more engagement vs. the ones that may not be grabbing as much attention.  Having a high post reach is helpful when trying to gain new followers, reach more people, and make more sales.      Post engagement is when a user performs an actual action on a post on your page. This can include liking, sharing, commenting, etc. Post engagement is vital to the growth of a Facebook page due to the fact that higher engagement sets the post up to be see by more people thanks to Facebook's algorithm. It will allow you to reach more people, and to take note on which marketing tactics are working and which ones aren't.      Facebook insights allow you to take a
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Week 4 Part 2

For my online boutique I am targeting women between the ages of 21-37 who have interests in things like fashion, makeup, vacation, going out, and shopping. The brand is being geared toward women who want to feel empowered and sexy in the clothes that they wear, and to also receive good quality products for a fair price. Income levels can be varied, though higher income earners are more likely to purchase. It will also target women who tend to be less conservative since pieces offered at times may be a bit proactive for some. 

Week 4 Post 1

     Armstrong Nursery is a large scale nursery chain business with dozens of locations. They are targeting a large number of potential customers. They highlight the fact that they have over 130 years of business in California right away in red at the top left hand side of their page. There menu is easily visible across the op of the page along with an animated carousel featuring different aspects of their business. Scrolling down will provide the viewer with more information, and even tips and tricks for starting a garden of their own. Colors chosen are very light and calming, photos feature friendly employees and happy children planting flowers. The target market for this business is most likely home owners who have families, live in rural or suburb type areas. Higher ranking in earnings might also be a potential target, as well as women in their mid 30s and upward.      Rancho Vista Nursery is much smaller in comparison to Armstrong. With only one nursery located in vista, their web

Week 3 Post 2

     Currently I am in the midst of creating my own online clothing brand, which is the reason for me taking this course. Though I am still very new to this industry it is clear that there are many key elements to consider when creating a brand. Coming up with a name, logo design, color scheme, overall aesthetic, message, and many other factors play a major role in how a brand will be perceived. The type of content that is created will have to be in line with the brand as well as the website, social media platforms, etc.      When creating my logo (which I still have yet to perfect) I tried my best to stick with something that was simple yet eye catching. I chose black and gold for the colors of my logo, but am still currently debating on colors. I would prefer for my logo to express a sleek, classy, and alluring aura in order to help convey the style of the clothing offered by the brand. I have gone through many proto-types and have something close to what I would want that I created

Week 3 Post 1

     Penny Juice is a fruit juice concentrate company that caters specifically to childcare facilities. At first glance though, it is a bit difficult to understand what the product is exactly. The website is a bit scattered and each section takes up a large portion of the screen making the other content on the page hard to find or easy to miss. The quality of photos is also not the best and they seem generic stock type images, the color scheme and overall aesthetic seems to lack professionalism for a company that is claiming to meet all FDA standards and is attempting to make its way into childcare facilities. To improve Penny Juice should invest into hiring a well reviewed web designer, or perhaps opting for a platform like Shopify to help create a more sleek and inviting look, instead of a preschool type theme. They would also benefit from a layout which provided more information clearly on the homepage about exactly what their mission and product actually is. All the colors and brig

Blog Post Week 2 Part B

Shein Shein is an online clothing brand/store which caters to customers internationally. Shein is available across all major Social Media platforms, with buttons to these pages on their website. Shein posts daily  on most platforms, weekly on others. Their last Facebook (449,778 followers)  post was made around noon today, they last posted on Instagram (17.5 m followers) at the same time, Twitter (238.6k followers) and Snapchat were updated even more recently at around 5pm. Shein's last YouTube (94.7k subscribers) post was 1 week ago, Pinterest ( 2,488,624  followers) 17 hours ago, and on Tiktok (10m likes) 1 hour ago. Shein is very active on all social media platforms and uses their pages to showcase their brand in photos, videos, and more. They use it to communicate well with their base and get their message across well. Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and Twitter seemed to be used most frequently.  Pretty Little Thing  Pretty Little Thing is an online clothing

Week 2 Post 1: Blog Post

          Over the last few years Social Media has drastically changed the way businesses communicate with their audiences. Once upon a time, you had to search though a phone book or the yellow pages to find contact information about a particular company, have heard about them through word of mouth, or perhaps seen or heard a commercial on the television, radio, or maybe a billboard. Today however a simple Google search will provide you with multiple forms of contact for dozens to hundreds of businesses to choose from depending on what you are searching for. You can also visit a companies website and view products without having to physically enter a store or acquire a magazine/ catalog. You can also find reviews on third party websites and the companies website itself. Providing the consumer more information than ever before, in the simplest ways ever possible.       Most businesses these days also have Social Media accounts. With Facebook to Instagram being the most popular there are